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"I'd like to share Christ, but I just don't know how!"

When God gives you an opportunity, just smile, pull out a copy of If We Never Meet Again or What If No One Warned You? and say, "Here's something I think you'll enjoy reading!"

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Escape the Trap! is a handbook-style publication that is easy to read and handy to keep close for instant referral. It offers clear, biblical guidance to help young men, teenage guys, and pre-teen boys resist sexual temptation. It also provides practical counsel for a lifestyle of sexual purity.

Escape the Trap! "GROUP PACK" of 25 handbooks
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This full-color, 36-page, highly visual handbook gives pre-teen boys, teenagers, and young men a biblical basis for winning their battles with sexual temptation and pornography

The "Group Pack" is 25 Escape the Trap! handbooks for $18.75.
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No guys are exempt from sexual temptation, so defend against moral traps and inevitable ambushes! "Escape the Trap!" makes an excellent guidebook for personal discipleship, for discipleship groups at church, for parents to use with their own teens, for use in colleges, and to share with friends.

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