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"I'd like to share Christ, but I just don't know how!"

When God gives you an opportunity, just smile, pull out a copy of If We Never Meet Again or What If No One Warned You? and say, "Here's something I think you'll enjoy reading!"

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DARE Book Set
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You've been inspired and challenged by Ed Powell's "Dare to Trust" online devos. Now you can have over 300 of them in this three- book set!

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Author Ed Powell has the ability to translate life's experiences--from heartbreaks to highlights--into spiritual principles that help us see things from a biblical perspective.

This set of three books--Dare to Trust, Dare to Believe, and Dare to Walk--contains 316 of the 366 devotionals found in LMI's online "Dare to Trust!" devo. Great for reference, encouragement, and giving as gifts. Available only in a set of three for just $24.00.